Brand isn’t what you think your business looks like,

it’s the sum experience of everyone who touches it.

Brand engagement. 

Whether it’s a business, product or service, believing it looks a certain way does not ensure that others see it the same. The view from outside is often very different from the view inside (which varies again depending on where you sit in the hierarchy). Good brand supports a consistent vision, guiding the various perceptions to align, both externally and internally.

A company’s brand is the foundation to successful engagement, providing clarity and assets to engage with your audiences consistently, coherently and in line with your company positioning.

Getting your right fit on.

Start-ups, brand refreshes, internal events or sub-brands? We’ve been doing this successfully for years, developing brand that successfully engages with customers and prospects. We’ll partner with you throughout the process to create a professional, coherent brand that aligns with your desired positioing and positively represents your business.

New business branding.

We get it. It is exciting, personal and sometimes confusing. We’ll work with you to demystify the process and key considerations – starting by wrapping up the basics into an easily digestible package:

  • Creative Brand creation
  • Abridged Brand Lookbook
  • Core stationary design
  • Professional website (basic functions)
It may be that you need a little more help than this. PPT decks, Social Media assets, Brochureware, Company Positioning Statement… whatever it is, talk to us. We’re here to help.

“Thank you for the artwork, production and all your contribution to our development programme. Lots of positive comments on consistency of our branding! You and your team performed miracles to deliver all our materials in such a short time! I am really grateful to you.”

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Prudential Plc

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