Measuring CX outcomes is important.

Understanding what drives them creates real benefit.

Customer & employee engagement.

Engagement doesn’t stop because you’ve made the sale, agreed the contract, delivered the goods… or employed the staff to facilitate or support this. Simply Aura provides the guidance and resource to proactively engage (and derive action from) your customers and employees, resulting in widely evidenced cultural, operational and commercial benefit.

Not just measuring CX. Shaping it.

Since 2015, we’ve had a relationship with STAFFINO, a next generation, closed-loop CX/AX solution that marries innovation with intelligently applied standards to solve many of the current CX/EX problems companies are currently facing.

Challenges of achieving effective engagement, gathering actionable insight, leveraging CX for ROI, or the commercial overhead of achieving a holistic CX/EX programme have been addressed.

A cloud-based, SaaS application, STAFFINO delivers increased engagement with both customers and employees, providing high-end features without the typically heavy financial and labour investment.

Easy to set up (integrated or stand-alone), easy to trial and use, STAFFINO provides:

  • Closed loop feedback management
  • External and internal comms channels
  • CX data to a granular level, ensuring operational and HR benefit
  • Employee recognition and engagement
  • A full suite of standard metrics
  • Off the shelf and customisable dashboards (multi-level access rights)
  • Flexibility for complex use cases
  • And much more… resulting in:


    Customer retention increased by 21%

    New customer onboarding times reduced by over 25%

    Over 15% increase in CSAT, up to >95% positive

    Southwark Council
    30% reduction in formal complaints

More detail, along with notable ROI case studies, can be found at

Alternatively, contact Stuart Jackson, Regional Director (UK), directly:

“More than half of all reactive retention cases that we capture via Staffino, we wouldn’t have caught without it… And significantly we are able to retain 70% of all customers that are identified as likely to leave.”

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